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As an adolescent I struggled with acne, but absolutely loved makeup and makeup looks better on clear skin. This led me to follow down the path of becoming an esthetican in 2006. I began my work in spa settings and this led to an interest in massage that later became a natural passion.

After completing my core program for massage therapy at Soma Institute in Chicago in 2007, I began working in clinical settings and treating a variety of conditions working with people from all walks of life. Along the way I have had some amazing mentors who encouraged me to share my gifts which led to me opening Release Spa Studio in 2010.

In addition to my core training I have completed a Master's Program for Clinical Massage Therapy and have training with Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop Therapy, and Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring. I will continue to expand my skills in order to offer variety and help others.

In 2012 my life changed- I took my first Myofascial Release seminar with John Barnes. Read more about my journey here.

I continue to expand my Myofascial Release skills with seminars, treatment and my own healing experience. I am truly blessed to help guide others in their own authentic healing journey.

I now specialize exclusively in JFB Myofascial Release and am an expert practitioner. MFR is the most incredible technique for restoring motion, releasing tightness, and shedding layers of emotional and physical traumas.


Brooke Forbes -
Owner at Release Spa Studio