Soul Cleanse-My MFR testimonial

Hi there, it’s been a while- and here I am and here you are.

We all have things that shape us, things that turn us into the people that we are and encourage us to live our lives a certain way. We have belief systems that hold strong and deep even if they don’t serve us. We have physical and emotional traumas from our whole lives that we carry with us all along the way. So what do we do with all of this?

We manage- we seek constantly. We seek comfort, we snuggle what we know. We clutch tight to others because maybe they will make it all change for us, they will fix our brokenness. Some of us find God, we find ourselves. We deeply connect to ourselves, and in turn we deeply connect to others.

This is my story of my soul cleanse, my MFR testimonial. I started my MFR journey not knowing how much my life would change, not knowing how distant I was from becoming a better version of myself.

I had done therapeutic massage for a few years and my practice was really picking up which was awesome. The part that wasn’t’ so awesome was I was completely exhausted and felt like a machine and all of my clients only felt well for a couple of days. It was time for a change.

I signed up for my first set of Myofascial Release seminars and they set a “caged bird free”. I literally felt freer after just one class. I had odd phobias of things that just disappeared. And that my friends is when I knew that I needed to know more, I needed to learn more. This technique had affected my fears and behavior, not to mention I felt amazing. What!?!

No, I did not have chronic pain or suffer from something specific (that I knew of). From treatment and many seminars this is what else happened for me:

  • I no longer had kidney stones
  • I no longer had panic attacks- or we will say severe perfectionism
  • I care less what others think of me- this can be hard sometimes but we must do this
  • I forgave myself for my past mistakes and shortcomings
  • I forgave my parents and others that I felt hurt from, which has improved relationships
  • I live more present, this is challenging kids- we all have a lot to do here.
  • I love myself and feel a deeper love for my family and friends
  • I connected to God, where before I wanted too but struggled
  • I use my voice and follow what I believe in
  • I hold myself accountable and own when I need to work on something
  • I feel my immune system is stronger with my fascial system opened up
  • I feel my body is stronger and so is my awareness
  • I let go of my past and live from present place
  • I rarely get headaches
  • I trust myself
  • I am sure I can come up with many more but you get the point…

I truly can not imagine who I would be without MFR and the opportunity to grow and live an active, healthy life.

MFR literally helps to heal everything- it creates space through the body so that every cell can function the way it is intended to.

Cheers to that!




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