Myofascial Release for the abdomen, part 1

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I specialize in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release and all of the thoughts and opinions I share here are my own from my experience and training.

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With JFB MFR we are treating the health and functional ability of the fascial system, an incredible, 3-dimensional network of tissue that connects the body head to toe. This changes and works with the body on a cellular level, interpenetrating every system to create space so that your mind/body function at its best. Amazing, right?!!! 😁


“Go with you gut.” I’m sure you’ve heard that before…

And of course, that means follow your instincts- trust yourself. Ironically, the gut area is typically very restricted in most individuals. The abdomen is so vital for Myofascial Release treatment, it is the foundation for the rest of the body. When I see people for treatment, the abdomen is generally the starting point.


I see many people of all ages for MFR with all sorts of health issues but the huge connection between everyone is that they have very restricted iliopsoas (psoas) or deep restrictions in their abdomen. The psoas muscle is deep in your belly and basically assists with every movement we make and keeps us in an upright position.


But this is so much more than just a muscle or tissue for stability- this area is our center, our foundation, our anchor for the rest of our body. It becomes tight and therefore weak from poor posture, sitting often, physical trauma (think back injury or having a baby), overuse in a shortened position, emotional trauma (This is an incredible holding area for emotions.) Think about a time when you were nervous or afraid- where do you automatically feel something? Your gut, your body has an instantaneous emotional reaction in this area and that causes the tissues to tighten down. That means that most of us have layers and layers of restrictions through our abdomens. 😬


With Myofascial Release techniques the abdomen can become

open and “freer” of restrictions and

life changes and you will feeeeeeeel different!

Our bodies become so adaptive, even when it isn’t in a good way or position.


So many people assume that where they feel pain or tightness is where they need treatment.

This is not the case.

 Those areas that you feel pain or tightness are generally coming from a completely different area in the body; a deeper restricted area in the body that is reaching to the areas that you are “feeling” it. You with me still? I know- wild right?

Everything within the fascial system is intimately connected and it’s foreign to us because we’ve all been taught and told to separate the body.

Soooo in a nutshell…

If you are having pain or dysfunction, anxiety or just don’t feel that you are the best version of yourself- a great place to start getting Myofascial Release treatment in your psoas area- your belly!



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