Sugaring Hair Removal 101 in Naperville, IL

Most everyone has heard of waxing for hair removal, but have you heard of sugaring? The earliest reference of sugaring hair removal dates back to ancient times in Egypt and Greece. Kings requested woman be hairless as thought to be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.  Well, the craze is back, many Woman; this day in age want to be smooth and hairless like those of the Egyptian days.

There are many other hair removal methods to this day those of which include shaving, tweezing, depilatory creams, abrasives, threading and waxing. All of these methods are different and some may be effective for one person and not for another. And let’s face it, you are removing hair from an attached follicle, it is most often never painless.

Sugaring hair removal in Naperville, IL has many great objectives. Sugaring paste is natural and made from sugar, citric acid and water. This may sound silly, but you can actually ingest the sugar it is safe, not that it tastes better than a lollipop… Sugaring paste is not hot and will never burn as it is used to remove hair. To remove sugaring paste for hair removal, all you need is water. One of the many bests about sugaring is that it cannot adhere to live skin cells. Which means, it is exfoliating your skin as it removes hair, and it will never tear your skin. How great is that!?

Sugaring hair removal in Naperville, IL is completely sanitary, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores). The amount of sugar used for the area is taken from the jar with the practitioner’s gloved hand and never brought near or back. Sugaring hair removal can extract short hairs and could lead to permanency.

So how often do you sugar? Every 4-6 weeks is typical and will get you the best results. Keep in mind the goal is to get all the hairs on the same growth cycle so if you are not consistent, you won’t get the same results. It is definitely something to plan on doing as a routine.

If you have tried bikini and brazilian waxing and smooth is your goal, you have to try sugaring. You’ll never wax or shave again!

Breathe & Be Well,


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