Your skin, your armor

Everyday your skin is your shield to the world, your protection and your armor. The human body and the skin covering it, is incredible. Our tissues are completely adaptive to everything we internally and externally come in contact with. It is important to care for your skin just like you care for your internal body with healthy eating habits and exercise.

Your skin helps and protects you in many ways. It helps to regulate temperature, keeps out harmful bacteria, helps our bodies to synthesize vitamin-d and it even has immune system assisting qualities to fight infection. (Shier, Butler, Ricki Lewis. Hole’s Human Anatomy & Physiology. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., 2007)

You are never too young to start a good skincare routine. Most teens need a skincare routine to fight the effects of their hormones changing. As the twenties approach, this is a great time to start and maintain a preventative skincare routine. You will be glad that you started young, trust me. Once in your thirties and forties, the goal shifts to anti-aging to keep and maintain firm, smooth and radiant skin. Or your goal may be to reverse your baby oil, sunbathing days.

A healthy skincare routine includes daily use of a cleanser, toner, serum (the change you want to occur), and a moisturizer, and in the morning the use of SPF. This routine should be done in the morning and the evening. To treat specific concerns a mask should be incorporated 1-2 times a week.

Professional exfoliations are suggested every 4-6 weeks for treating acne, aging, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration and moisture retention. Organic peels in Naperille, IL come in different forms, such as enzymes and acids. Some penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and some are lighter and less aggressive.

It is important to know that home care is very important in maintaining your skin. Not all skincare lines are created equally. Most of the brands that you will find at department stores or pharmacies are great at advertising. But what amount of active ingredients is in those products? Are you getting your money’s worth, are you seeing a change?

Eminence Organic Skincare is an amazing buffet of active fruits, herbs, and pulps that will impact your skin. Fresh food taste better and is better for your body. Live organic products in Naperville, IL are the fresh food for your skin.

It’s time to start feeding your skin healthy food in Naperville, IL. When your skin looks good, you feel good!

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